Genita Robinson – Running for State Representative

Genita Robinson - Democrat for State Representative

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Unfortunately, the majority of the weighted vote for the appointment went to another candidate. I am disappointed, but I am not deterred. I had some strong support leading up to the appointment, and I believe that I will continue to have strong support. I remain on the road to the March 15 primary.

The principal needs of the campaign remain the same.

*Volunteering to collect petition signatures

If you are available to volunteer for a day (or two or three . . .) between now and November 20, please e-mail Ideally, we need people during morning and afternoon commuting times and on the weekend.

*Making a donation

We are working on a tight deadline and need funds to quickly get our message out to voters. You can donate online by clicking the button to the right. If you wish to donate by check, please call 773.377.5066, so we can arrange for the check to be picked up.

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